Business Brochure Printing Basics


Business Brochure Printing

Every business can benefit from a professionally printed business brochure. There is no better way to provide immediate answers to any in-the-moment questions posed by a potential client. An engaging brochure can open the door to a face-to-face meeting or help sway a client’s final decision in your favor. Read on to learn a few of the basics when it comes to printing a business brochure.

Why do You Need a Business Brochure?

A professionally printed brochure is a handy paper pamphlet that offers concise and bulleted information about your business and contact information. This convenient format can be mailed out or handed out in person at conventions or other professional gatherings.

In today’s increasingly paperless world, it’s easy to dismiss the idea of a printed brochure, but the impact of answering any questions by handing over a single piece of paper has proven time and again to be invaluable.

Study the Competition

Collect brochures from your competitors and examine what they’ve done with their brochure choices. Decide what you like about them as well as what you might have done differently and keep notes to share with the printer. This is an imperative part of defining your brand and setting yourself apart from the competition.


The messaging is the most important part of your brochure. Think outside just the bare basics of your company’s location, contact info, etc. What about your company culture or mission statement would you like to communicate to a potential consumer? Create some clear, professionally worded content about your business. And don’t forget the following must-have info:

  • Website
  • Social media handles/landing pages
  • Email address
  • Mailing address
  • Phone and fax numbers (toll-free numbers are preferable)

Let’s Talk

Disc Hounds is the area’s foremost expert in business brochure printing. Call us at 610-696-8668 and we can meet to discuss your needs, goals, and budget as we create the business brochure of your dream.

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