Design Tips for Posters


Design Tips for Posters


The key to an effective poster is in the design. A well-designed poster can help elevate your message and improve the visibility of your project or the information you want to get out to the world. It can be a challenge to convey the pertinent details and create an aesthetically pleasing design at the same time. Read on for some tips for how to design an effective poster.

Define the Message

First things first: your poster should have a specific purpose and your primary goal is to communicate its specific idea or message. Your goal is to help your message reach everyone.

Let your Message Shine Through

Design can take many shapes and forms. Trends come and go, and while they can prove to be effective, be sure not to let your design overpower your messaging. Minimalism and a few well-placed design elements can be incredibly powerful when used with your poster’s copy. Bottom line: don’t make your messaging and design compete for attention.

Just the Facts

The copy (words) on your poster are just as important as the design. Start out with the most pertinent information and go from there. People tend to avoid posters that are too wordy. A strong, concise message with a clever, clean design will get more eyes on it that one with a lengthy paragraph on it.

The Right Typography is Everything

When considering which font to use, consider your messaging. Certain fonts might complement different messages better than others. Mixing different fonts can also be a fun challenge that makes for an easier read.


Balancing your poster’s composition is the key to an effective design. The viewer’s eye should go to a certain place on the poster first and then bounce around to the other parts as they take in the information and design. This can be tested as you design. Take breaks as you design and go back to look at it to determine the focal point and adjust as you proceed.

Call Disc Hounds

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