Postcard Marketing: Is it Effective?


Postcard Marketing: Is it Effective?

Today’s marketing landscape is completely saturated with online ads and social media-oriented strategy. But what about the old tried-and-true marketing postcard? Does it still have its place in today’s fast-paced world of Internet-only platforms? The answer is a resounding “yes!” In fact, many businesses consider printed postcards to be their secret marketing weapon. Read on to learn more about why postcard marketing is such an effective tactic:

Budget Friendly

Sending out postcards for your business can be done for a surprisingly low cost. Because of the high volume of cards that need to be sent out, business owners can strike a deal with a printer when ordering in bulk. They involve little in the way of graphic design or copy needs, and can be mailed right away once delivered from the printer, rendering a quick turnaround time and fast results.

More Eyes on Your Offer

Avoid your email getting lost in the shuffle of someone’s spam folder by sending a postcard advertising your brand or a specific offer. Postcards don’t need to be opened to be seen, so even if a customer just takes a glance, they are more than likely to absorb the succinct message you’ve sent.

Postcard Marketing Offers a High Return on a Low Investment

Have a targeted list of leads or a great offer to promote? A postcard serves as a physical reminder of your business or to take advantage of a deal you’re offering. Sending your postcard to potential customers who fit your target demographic lets you hand-pick your audience.


Postcards are printed on thicker paper stock than glossy magazines or flyers. This helps prevent tearing, bending, and other types of damage in the mailing process.

Contact Disc Hounds for Postcard Marketing

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