VHS-C Transfer
VHS-C Transfer
VHS-C Transfer
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VHS-C Transfer

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We digitize your VHS-C tapes and turn them into a DVD, a digital video file (MP4), or both!



When we digitize (convert) videotapes, we can create two different types of final products - DVDs or MP4 video files.  MP4 files are just digital video files (MP4 is the current standard for digital video files).  They come back to you via a download link or on a USB flash drive.  All of your tapes will fit onto one USB drive - each tape creates an individual video file.  You can watch them on any computer, tablet or most TVs.  To play back on a TV, you would plug the USB drive into the port on the back or side of the TV.

We also still create DVDs from videotapes.  Each will most likely be on one DVD, however if two tapes are less than one hour, it may be possible to combine them onto one disc together.

DVD benefits:
  • Can be played on any computer with a DVD drive, any DVD player or gaming system.
  • Instructions not needed - don't need to be computer "savvy"
  • Files can't be deleted
  • Inexpensive to make additional copies
DVD drawbacks:
  • Most new laptops don't have a built-in DVD drive
  • Many people don't have a DVD player connected to their TV
  • Video cannot be edited directly from the DVD
MP4 Video file benefits:
  • Playback on all devices
  • All video files can fit on one small USB drive
  • Can be edited by any currently available video software
  • Can easily be turned into a DVD or other physical formats yet to come
  • Extra USB drives available for just the cost of another drive (size dependant)
  MP4 Video file drawbacks:
  • Easier to use if you are familiar with computers
  • Files can be deleted off the USB drive

We can also create both the digital files and DVDs at the same time.  We charge $14.95 per tape for one format or $19.95 per tape for both.  This is often convenient for families with older and younger generations and different viewing styles.

Please call with any questions.  Thanks!