Professional DVD Packaging and How It Makes a Difference in Marketing Your Business

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Professional DVD Packaging and How It Makes a Difference in Marketing Your Business

Capable of storing more content than CDs, more permanent than online ads, and longer lasting than flyers or brochures, the DVD provides plenty of opportunities for promoting products or services. Add on the visual value of professional DVD packaging and you have a portable promotional powerhouse in your hands.

Do DVDs Still Matter?

Downloading or streaming seems like the most preferable media format these days. But the DVD is not dead. Even movie connoisseurs know that a hard copy in hand means you can watch it when you want, instead of waiting for a streaming service to carry it. They also know that they’re not a slave to a strong internet connection.

DVDs make viable, convenient ways for businesses to build their brand, musicians to make their mark in the industry, and educators to share information. In the marketing world, these digital video discs deliver content in a tangible format that’s more appealing and permanent for potential clients or audiences.

Options for Professional DVD Packaging

Completely customizable, professional DVD packaging provides valuable real estate for information or further promotion of a business or service. The jewel case is a popular and economical option. Printed inserts provide a place for custom artwork, business logos, and content information, while the plastic case protects the disc inside. Also an economical choice, disc sleeves make the lightweight list for less expensive mailing, if that’s your mode of marketing. Does your content require several discs? The digipack delivers them all with plenty of space for art and additional information.

Professional DVD Packaging

The packaging is the first thing a customer sees when they receive your DVD. And the nicer the packaging, the more likely they are to open it and play what’s inside, rather than toss it out. Professional DVD packaging is your chance to make a positive first impression. Do it with colorful images, interesting content, and always include your contact information. Put your best foot forward by letting an expert design and print it. If you decide to design your own packaging, make sure you have access to professional printing equipment for quality results.

Need an Expert?

Replicating and duplicating DVDs is a cost-effective way to disperse marketing materials or visual descriptions of the products and services your business offers. Hand discs out at trade shows, use them for direct-mail marketing, and keep a stack on location for potential customers. If you need help choosing the right professional DVD packaging for your project, call Disc Hounds today at 610-696-8668.

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