CD Packaging Options: Jewel Cases Versus Digipaks

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CD Packaging Options: Jewel Cases Versus Digipaks

Whether you are producing your first music demo or mailing out marketing materials on CD, making a good impression starts with choosing the right way to wrap it up. There are many choices to fit a variety of budgets. Find out about the two most popular CD packaging options and which one is best for your project.

Jewel Cases

A plastic container with a tray inside, jewel cases are the industry go-to when it comes to CD packaging options. A notched circle inside holds the CD securely in place. Front and back panels are equipped to hold customized inserts visible through the plastic. These inserts feature artwork or information, while the hard plastic exterior protects the CD.


Currently one of the most popular choices for CD packaging options, the digipak offers flexibility. It can be customized with four, six, or eight panels for inserts, and hold more than one disc if you wish. Most often, it’s made of cardboard with a plastic inner tray similar to a jewel case. Artwork is printed directly on the cardboard. A sharp-looking option, it costs a little more than the jewel case, but is kinder to the environment than plastic.

Other CD Packaging Options

A sleeve or jacket is another option available. Similar to the covers on vinyl records, paper sleeves fit snugly around a disc like an envelope. The sleek, space-saving design is an inexpensive choice that serves well for giveaway promotions and mailings. Perfect for singles or demos, a cardboard wallet is another affordable option, though more expensive than the sleeve. The wallet is sturdier and a longer-lasting choice. It often comes with a spine, perfect for displaying on a bookshelf.

Making the Choice

Before anyone plays your music or views your promotional materials, they see the outer package in which your project resides. Make sure it’s the right one for the message you are sending. Also, consider your audience and how the CD will be handled. Are you mailing your CD? Then you’ll want to go for a sturdier case like the digipak. Are you handing out samples for potential customers? Some of these may be throwaways, so you’ll want a more economical CD packaging option like the jewel case or paper sleeve. Maybe this is your band’s special anniversary edition. Choose packaging that holds up well as a long-term keepsake.

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