The Digipak Demystified: Pros and Cons of Professional CD Packaging

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The Digipak Demystified: Pros and Cons of Professional CD Packaging

Once upon a time, the jewel pack was the preferred way to package CDs in a professional manner. Nowadays, there’s a larger selection from which to choose. Find out about the benefits of the current popular pick for packaging, the digipak, so you can make an educated decision to best represent your product.

What Is a Digipak?

Made out of card stock or thick paper materials, digipaks came into existence as an alternative type of packaging to the plastic jewel case. Originally, digipaks provided eye-catching coverage for limited editions or special products. Improvements in the packaging process made it more affordable and available for both large and small quantities. Customizable, this packaging normally consists of four, six, or eight panels that open like a book. The exterior is often coated with a gloss or matte finish. Inside, one or more plastic trays hold CDs or DVDs in place.

Digipak Advantages

Combining paper and plastic, the digipak is a strong yet stylish package that appeals to musicians, bands, and promoters for its professional look and feel. Multi-panel designs provide more room for graphics, information, and artwork. For example, musicians easily fit bonus materials like lyrics, biographies, and photos on the extra panels. Because the majority of the packaging is made of cardboard or paper, it is considered to be kinder to the environment than full plastic cases. Cardboard is less likely to shatter, as many plastic jewel cases do.

Digipak Disadvantages

Considered by some the most premium packaging option for CDs and DVDs, the digipak is pricier to produce than sleeves and jewel cases. So if your budget is limited, consider less expensive options. The cardboard exterior wears overtime, unless properly finished with a durable coating. Folds wear out first and corners may bend.

Need Help Picking the Perfect Packaging for Your Project?

Choosing your preferred method of CD packaging is a confusing process with so many options out there. The right choice depends on factors like budget, aesthetic appeal, and the ability to protect contents. Disc Hounds can help you make the right decision and determine if the digipak works best for your project. For expert duplication services and high quality results, call us today at 610-696-8668.

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