Creating CD Copies: Make the Right Choice Between Duplication and Replication Processes

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Make the Right Choice Between Duplication and Replication Processes

Whether you are a business owner with marketing materials or a musician with music to share, you’ll need to know the best way to make multiple copies of compact discs (CDs). Choosing between the two processes of duplication and replication is confusing. What’s even more confusing is that although these processes are different, people often incorrectly interchange the terms. Find out the differences between duplication and replication in order to pick the right one for your project.

What Is Duplication?

Also known as burning discs, duplicating CDs or DVDs is the process of making copies using an existing disc, or master. To duplicate, data from the master is burned onto a blank, recordable disc (a CDR or DVDR) using a laser. It’s the same process you use to burn a CD at home on your laptop.

What Is Replication?

Sometimes called a pressed disc, a replicated CD requires the creation of a glass master to start. Data is gathered and carefully checked to ensure it’s not corrupted. Then, the glass master serves as a template or stamped mold to make more identical CDs. Basically, each copy of the disc is created with the data already on it, while duplication is simply creating copies.

Pros and Cons of Duplication and Replication

Both duplication and replication have advantages and disadvantages. An advantage of duplication is a shorter turnaround time for completion. Not pressed for time? Replication often produces a more durable and professional level product. Ultimately, the deciding factor is quantity. Because the replication process requires a more complicated setup, companies usually require a minimum quantity of 500 CDs to make it worth their while. The bottom line is for quantities under 500 or rush jobs, duplication is the process of choice. When it comes to larger quantities that require the highest quality, choose replication.

Let Us Help You Make the Right Choice

Before choosing between duplication and replication, consider the advantages and disadvantages and get quotes for both processes. Call Disc Hounds at 610-696-8668 with any questions about duplication and replication. We’re happy to help you choose the right process for your project.

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