Top Four Reasons Why Every Band Needs Demo CDs

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Top Four Reasons Why Every Band Needs Demo CDs

All Artists need a way to showcase their work; painters need online portfolios and bands require demo CDs. A demo CD is a useful tool for any aspiring recording artist looking for exposure. Read on to learn the top four reasons why every band needs demo CDs.

1) Record Label Submissions

The dream for most bands is to get signed to a record label. A demo CD’s purpose in this case is to get your music into the right hands (preferably an A&R executive) so they can hear what you have to offer. A demo CD can be mailed out to record labels in hopes of gaining interest – or at least a meeting. Getting signed from a demo alone is rare, but it can only be beneficial to have a CD highlighting your best songs and writing style at the ready.

2) Find Gigs…and Fans

Recording a demo CD is a great way to generate interest from local venues. Once your songs are recorded, approach bar and club owners who feature local bands. Introduce yourselves, give them your demo CD, and call back to follow up. If the venue owner likes what they’ve heard and invites you to play, you’re on your way to getting a local following.

3) Earn Some Extra Cash—and Exposure

Once you start getting more gigs, be sure to put aside a table for merch while you play. Selling your demo CDs at music venues and other local businesses is a priceless way to get your music out there and into the hands of potential fans. Any revenue generated can go to costs your band incurs… as well as helping fund your next demo CD.

4) Finish Any Unfinished Songs

Demo CDs should include your most commercial-sounding songs, not necessarily the most artistically fulfilling ones. Even if a song is unfinished, record what you have of it if it has a potential for mass appeal. You never know: once you’re in the studio and playing an unfinished song, inspiration could strike and that partially finished work could become your best track.

Demo CDs are Our Specialty

At Disc Hounds, we’re experts at helping bands create demo CDs. Let us know how we can help your band get its music out into the world!

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