DVD vs. Blu-ray: Which do I Need?

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DVD vs. Blu-ray

DVD vs. Blu-ray: How do I decide?!

Technology is moving at a fast pace. What’s new is old the next week, it seems. How you watch movies is no exception. Reel to reel evolved into VHS, which in turn changed into DVDs. Now Blu-ray players and their accompanying discs are sweeping the nation. But should you swap your seemingly new DVD player for an of-the-moment Blu-ray player? Like movie genres, not every person has the same taste in viewing preferences. So, DVD vs. Blu-ray: read on to learn more about which technology is right for you.

What is Blu-ray?

Blu-ray discs were designed to be the next generation in movie viewing. Conceived to provide a better-quality picture than DVDs, Blu-ray discs aren’t necessarily superior to DVDs. The TV and Blu-ray player have proven to be major factors.

The Players

Disc debate aside, we think that every household should invest in a Blu-ray player. Technology moves fast, so take advantage of the benefits they offer. Therefore, we recommend that you invest in a Blu-ray player for your home. All Blu-ray players are backwards compatible, meaning that they will play your DVDs, so replacing your disc collection is not necessary. Blu-ray players are also compatible with smart-TVs, which is another fun feature that DVD players don’t have. But the best reason to buy a Blu-ray player? DVD discs are becoming obsolete. As fewer stores keep DVD discs in stock, you may want to consider Blu-ray discs as you build your movie collection. Blu-ray discs have also come down considerably in cost since they were first released. They are now comparable to DVD players in price – with added bonuses.

The Quality?

While standard definition DVDs are made up of 576 horizontal lines, the high-definition picture of Blu-ray discs comes in at a whopping 1,080. This difference in horizontal lines means that Blu-ray has a sharper, clearer, more detailed picture, which results in a more-realistic viewing experience.

DVD vs. Blu-ray: Still Deciding?

While Blu-rays are the wave of the future, some might not be ready to let go of the DVD player they’ve come to love. Give Disc Hounds a call at 610-696-8668. We can listen to your needs and give advice based on you, your budget, home entertainment system, and viewing habits.

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