The Components of a Professional CD Package

CD CD Sleeves Duplication Eco-Wallet Jewel Case

CD Package


Professionally produced CD packages are a great way to make your music, film, corporate, or personal project stand out from the rest. At Disc Hounds, we use the latest technology to offer an array of attractively packaged, professional-quality CDs. Read on to learn about the various CD package components we offer.

Disc Sleeves

A popular package for musicians, corporate presentations, and aspiring film makers, disc sleeves are the modern-day equivalent to vinyl album covers. Often referred to as jackets, sleeves are a durable, affordable option for CD distribution.

Jewel Cases

Jewel Cases are the industry standard in retail-ready CD packaging. Done with hard plastic cases equipped with spaces in the front and back designed to display your customized inserts, our highly durable jewel case packages offer a CD label, insert booklet, and back-panel insert. This is the ultimate statement in professional CD packaging.

Eco Wallets

Perfect for singers releasing albums or aspiring film makers and actors creating demo reels, our eco-wallet packages are done in cardboard and are available in four-panel jackets. This option for disc distribution is rising in popularity because of its affordability, environmentally friendly construction, and resemblance to a classic LP album jacket.


Digipaks are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic packaging. Done in cardboard, they are the same size as jewel packs and feature a CD label as well as personalized printing on the front and back. The CD tray is clear to allow your customized artwork to show through while a printable spine displays the title of your project.

Interested in a Professional CD Package?

Are you looking to take your project to the next level? Let Disc Hounds help turn your work into a professional-grade presentation. Contact us today at 610-696-8668 to discuss our professional CD package options. We’ll work with you to give your hard work the professional edge it needs to get noticed.

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